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How To Tell If Mold Is Present

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

How To Tell If Mold Is Present

Home and business owners must watch for signs of anything that could damage the structure of their homes or offices, reducing the value of the property. One of the most damaging substances is mold, which can grow anywhere the conditions are favorable. If this fungus is present in large amounts, mold mitigation and remediation will be necessary to be sure in home mold damage or commercial mold damage is minimal.

Mold Warning Signs

Mold damage is often hard to see because it tends to thrive in dark, damp places people do not see everyday.The fungus that causes mildew and mold often lands in humid spots such as basements, bathrooms, attics and crawl spaces and grows because there is plenty of moisture there. Sometimes mold growth is visible and other times it isn't because it is growing in hidden places. Because mold and mildew can lead to structural damage, mitigation and remediation must be done as soon after discovery as possible. Below are some ways to tell if mold is present and how the mold removal process works.

Mold Is Visible

If mold is present, it may be visible if it is growing in an area that can be seen. When looking for fungus that leads to mildew and mold, it is important to look in areas that it tends to grow. Some common areas of mold growth include underneath bathroom sinks, in basements, behind wallpaper and under carpeting. Areas that have suffered water leaks or have high humidity are more likely to have mold damage that leads to mold removal. Mold can be a multitude of colors but is most often brown, gray, black or dark green.

Mold Has A Smelly Odor

One thing many people notice first about mold is the smelly odor it often produces that is so strong, deodorization is needed. The smelly odor can smell like dirt or it can have a distinctive, foul odor. If a smelly odor is present, it could mean mold in home damage or commercial mold damage exists. Deodorization must be done only after mold removal and repair or the smell will return along with new mold and mildew.

There Are Water Leaks

Buildings and houses that have unresolved water leaks are very likely to develop mold. Water leaks are often due to damaged shingles, leaky plumbing and cracks in the foundation. Mitigation and remediation must be done after these leaks are repaired and sealed. If flooding has occurred, it is very likely to cause mold in home damage or commercial mold damage because of the amount of time it takes to dry out after so much water is present.

How To Get Rid Of Mold

Mitigation and remediation must be performed by a mold removal specialist even if mold damage appears minimal and the fungus does not appear to be widespread. A professional will determine exactly where mold is growing and how much mold in home damage or commercial mold damage is present. After removing the mold, all sources of moisture are repaired and deodorization is done to remove any traces of odor.

Mold in home damage can be catastrophic or it may be minor and only need light cleaning or deodorization. No matter what the case, it must be done by trained professionals so it does not return. While dealing with fungal growth is never a pleasant time, hiring an experienced mold removal team will provide peace of mind to anxious home or business owners facing this common problem. Visit http://www.SERVPROcentralftmyers.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

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